Common Myths About Cosmetic Tattoos / Permanent Makeup

Make sure not to be fooled by false information about permanent makeup.

Permanent makeup is more popular than ever right now and there are a lot of rumors circling inside of the PMU world. So how do you know whats true and whats bullsh*t?

Here are 5 common myths being told over and over. If you hear any of these from a permanent makeup artist, run.

Myth #1 - Cosmetic tattoos are semi-permanent.

No, no, no. This one is probably one of my biggest pet peeves.

Permanent makeup is... PERMANENT. It is permanently deposited into the skin where it will stay unless intentionally removed. This is what permanent means.

Fading of permanent makeup over time, as with body tattoos, is totally normal and happens at different rates for different individuals. This still does not make it semi-permanent.

That being said, there are ways to remove or lighten permanent makeup, but it will not just go away or wash off on its own. And the methods of removal are invasive and require temporary damage to the skin in order to work properly. Permanent makeup removal should not be used as a back up plan, but rather a last resort.

Myth #2 - PMU is not for oily skin.

This is definitely an old rumor that has resurfaced with the popularity of microblading. It's true that microblading isn't recommended for oily skin types, but there are alternatives. Nano brows for instance are hairstroke brows like microblading but done with a machine rather than a hand tool. And Nano brows are great for all skin types. Ombre and Powder brows are also an option for oily skin.

Myth #3 - All tattooed brows look the same.

Half myth? Brow shapes DO NOT have to all look the same, but some artists definitely give the same shape to every client. The most popular brows right now are also all over the internet which may make it seem like that is all that's available or that they all look the same.

There are also differences in styles of permanent makeup brows, and within those styles there's a range from Natural - Bold.

Myth #4 - Permanent makeup is different than tattooing.

Maybe my second biggest pet peeve.