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KEIK Offers Vegan and Cruelty Free Permanent Makeup In Las Vegas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Las Vegas has everything you could possibly want, right? We hear it all of the time. Well now it's even more true!

KEIK Alternative Aesthetics, Located in Las Vegas (New location coming soon!), offers something that was not yet readily available in Sin City. It's hard to believe but vegan and cruelty free permanent makeup and beauty services are spread across multiple random locations. Not for long, not anymore.

KEIK currently shares space with Hardline Tattoo Studio in the Las Vegas Arts District. Like KEIK, Hardline Tattoo also offers cruelty-free and vegan tattooing. Which makes sense since its important to me, Lydia, the owner of both businesses. My small team and I have outgrown the original location at Hardline and so KEIK has become a separate entity in search of a space of its own!

KEIK Alternative Aesthetics Salon will be a one-stop beauty shop for those who don't traditionally fit in to the typical salon setting. And for those who care about their beauty regimens ticking the vegan and cruelty-free boxes.

KEIK's main services currently are permanent makeup including permanent brow tattooing, lip-blush. eyeliner tattooing and freckles. But that's not all we will offer. KEIK Alternative Aesthetics has a list of beauty professionals waiting to join and offer more traditional beauty services. You'll be able to get treatments like gel nails, eyelash extensions, body sculpting, facials and of course Tooth Gems! ALL services are and will be cruelty-free and most are vegan friendly from start to finish.

Call or email KEIK today if you have any questions about vegan beauty, permanent makeup services, products, or if you are a beauty service professional who's thinking about making a change.

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